Friday, December 16, 2016

My Essential Reading List

These are the very first (and greatest, in my opinion) stock analysis and stock pick books that i've read when I started my journey (I may receive some compensation if you purchase anything on Amazon following my links):

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham - this is THE stock analysis book to read. I have gained much insight as to how to look at stocks, how to screen for them using fundamental analysis. A must-read!

Option Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques by Sheldon Natenberg - I have searched for a long time a book which explains options and option strategies in a simple, yet advanced, way. This has to be it. After reading this book you will have a pretty good understanding on how options work, how their prices are affected by the underlying asset and other parameters, and a general feel and insight for trading strategies.

How to Make Money in Stocks, by William J. O'Neil - probably my first "real" investing book. After reading this book you will have a basic investing system and fundamental as well as technical analysis understanding of stocks. It's a pretty simple, yet sophisticated screening system which can lead to great results in the stock market.

Trading in the Zone, by Mark Douglas - a must-read for thinking like a pro trader. Investing, especially trading, is a mental roller-coaster, and without proper training one may not survive in the markets. Mark Douglas writes extraordinarily well about trading psychology and mindset required to succeed. I have read it more than a couple times every time I hit a rut in the stock market.

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