Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New signals for 01-25-2017 $KSS $VFC $BK $CELG $DG $DLTR

Hi everyone,

We have plenty of signal action for today with 2 new Buy signals and 4 new Sell signals

For starters, I posted on January 11th a Sell signal for VFC, let's have a look at what the stock did since then:

As you can see, VFC dropped up to 4.84% of its posted signal price in just 4 trading days!

Today the stock has recovered it (and hopefully so have you), and the stock was given a Buy signal (last price: $52.68).
Combined with last night's Buy signal for $M (Macy's) it seems as though the retail sector is experiencing a light rally. VFC looks ripe for outperformance with an attractive risk:reward of 2.24 (risk: 4.14% to $50.50; reward: 9.28% to $57.59).

An additional Buy signal was given to $KSS (last price: $40.26). I do not like this setup as it still could go lower.

Sell signals:

$BK (last price: $44.63) - has a long way to drop, looks pretty good for a short.

$CELG (last price: $112.45) - not great risk:reward here, would stay away for now.

$DG (last price: $71.75) - looks ripe for a short, nice risk:reward

$DLTR (last price: $76.88) - looks like a tight downward range, does not seem attractive to my eyes.

That's all the time I have for today, that table of signal performance is slowly, but surely, coming!

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