Monday, January 30, 2017

New signals for 01-30-2017 $MCK $NOC $VAR

Hi everyone,

For today we have three new Sell signals

Sell signal was given to $MCK (last price: $136.74)
It seems my UltimateAlgorithm thinks that Mckesson Corp. stock wants test out support at $123.60. But a stop-loss to around $150 makes this trade a not-too-great opportunity. I would pass this one.

Sell signal was given to $NOC (last price: $229.83)
Northrup Grumman stock shows an attractive risk:reward.
If the stock is able to fill the gap under $223, then it could present with a nice profit opportunity. Check out the following chart for hints of a price target and stop-loss:

Sell signal was given to $VAR (last price: $88.80)
Despite the previous trading sessions's rally of 2.7%, Varian Medical was given a sell by my UltimateAlgorithm.
I actually really like this setup, and it would seem the stock is going to break sooner than later:

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