Monday, January 9, 2017

New signals for 9-1-2017 $COH $ACN $KSS $LB $M

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My algorithm had a small bug from the start of the year so I probably missed a few signals here and there. Actually it may look like many stocks were sold in the past week. I actually may call a top very soon, but I'll let the algorithm do that for me. It usually posts a "Top" or "Bottom" 2-3 times a year. Last year it did so quite well in February and August if I'm not mistaken.

So here are the newest signals for the upcoming trading session:
Buy Signal for $COH:
As opposed to other retail names, Coach has acted nicely in the last trading sessions. COH closed Friday at $35.54, and it would seem $34.16 is its latest bottom (risk: 3.6%). Its latest top was at about $38.64 (reward: 9%) which makes for a pretty lucrative trade opportunity with a 2.5 risk:reward ratio.

Sell Signals include: $ACN $KSS $LB $M

I would not touch $ACN (last price: $116.30) except maybe sell a position (If I had one), the risk:reward here is not great.

$KSS (last price: $41.43) took a huge blow last week, and its technical chart seems pretty broken. It could go either way. would not touch it as well.

$LB (last price: $61.23) has had a pretty lousy 2016, and 2017 doesn't seem all that better as the stock is nearing its 52-week low of $60.
It could definitely go lower from here, but again, the risk:reward ratio is not much promising.

$M (last price: $30.82) joined the major retail names in dropping last week as Amazon ($AMZN) is constantly biting from their market share. It could go lower here, but you must account for a possible pullback to the upside before another dive is due.

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