Thursday, January 26, 2017

Performance Review December 16th to January 26th $ATVI $MAT $JWN $MCO $BMY

I've been working on producing a chronological list of performance of  signals given through my UltimateAlgorithm and that have been posted on this blog.

It should be noted that only a month or so has passed since I started this blog (about 40 days to be precise), and it is still early to announce any dominant trading strategy (long or short) through the system.

So here are the results:

As you may probably notice, some stocks are missing. This is due to the fact that some stocks already had the chance to reverse-signal since the first signal had been given. For example, $MCO was given a Sell signal on December 28th, and then a Buy signal on January 12th. I've only included the latter, as it was a bit tough to display the sell signal.
Also, I was not able to put $ACN on Excel without the software changing the spelling to CAN. So I passed it, but looking at the stock it did not do much during that period.

All in all, when examining at the average performance of Buy signals, we are looking at an average of 0.5% per stock.
When examining the average performance of Sell signals, we are looking at an average of -1.1% per stock.
So, to sum it up, currently the algorithm is doing it's job pretty well with some notable winners:
$ATVI (Long) - shot up 8% in 31 days,
$MAT (Short) - tanked 8% in 31 days,
$JWN (Short) - tanked 9% in 25 days,
$MCO (Long) - shot up 9.5% in 12 days,
$BMY (Short) - fell 4% in 4 days.

One big loser which stank up my Buy performance is $PRGO which tanked 14.48% in 28 days. It hasn't yet received a Sell signal from the algorithm, but it is highly likely to get it in the following day, as 14% is usually a stop-loss target.

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