Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some Updates 01-24-2017 $MCO $EQT $HPQ $M $BMY

Hey guys,

Have not posted much lately, I was busy snowboarding in the French Alps (Val Thorens FTW)

To start with some lovely news, $MCO has been behaving exactly as predicted just two weeks ago when it traded at $95.02. It has since gone up about 7%! 
A $10,000 position would net right now a profit of about $720 (before commissions, fees and taxes), in 12 days.

[I'll work on providing a table which summarizes performance of past signals for people to understand the massive impact of these trade signals]

Some new signals for today
Buy signal for $EQT (last price: $64.03)
I posted a Sell signal for EQT also about two weeks ago. It did drop around 3% during that time but has since rebounded and is again on the same level when the first Sell signal was posted. Right now the algorithm says BUY. Technically the signal was provided prior to today's massive 2.6% run of the stock, but I am not going to count it as I haven't had the chance to post it until now, when it is after market hours (will try to post on time in future posts).
This is still a nice setup at this level, with support around $61.50 (risk: 4%) and resistance at $68.50 (reward: 7%).

A Buy signal was given today to $HPQ (last price: $15.17), and again It should be noted that signals were provided by the algorithm prior to today's opening bell, I just hadn't had the chance to post these precious tips. So again, I will not count today's great 3.4% run as I'm only posting the signal after market hours.

I would look for a small pullback to around $14.70 before entering a long position here as the risk:reward is not attractive.

A Buy signal was given today to $M (last price: $29.98). Macy's was given a Sell signal on January 9th and had since dropped up to 4% but also had some time to recover losses. Now, according to my algorithm it is a Buy.
This retail stock has shed a lot of blood in the past two months and has much to recover yet. The risk:reward here is pretty attractive if you believe it is not yet the end for Macy's.

A Sell signal was given today to $BMY (last price: $48.96). Bristol Myers Squib has been quite volatile lately, having dropped around 10% on January 20th. It seems the algorithm is tired of this position and suggests getting rid of it.

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