Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New signals for 02-08-2017 $CA $JNPR $BLL $HUM $PAYX

For today we have 2 new Buy signals and 3 new Sell signals.

Buy signal was given to $CA (last price: $31.49)


Buy signal was given to $JNPR (last price: $27.20)
Juniper Networks stock has been on a small downtrend lately, coming off its recent high of $29.21 (about 6.5% lower when comparing yesterday's closing price).
It could come back to those levels, given it reaches $27.70 in the next several days.


Sell signal was given to $BLL (last price: $72.62)
The stock has gone down pretty hard lately and broke a support level at $73. The algorithm says Sell.


Sell signal was given to $HUM (last price: $195.24)
After rallying some 28% for 19 trading sessions almost on a steep uptrend, the stock has dropped 5% in past 12 trading sessions. The algorithm says Sell here if you haven't had the chance yet.
We could see the stock falling an additional 9-10% to come back to its pre-rally levels (around $175).


Sell signal was given to $PAYX (last price: $57.57)
Paychex dropped about 6.5% in the last 9 trading sessions. The algorithm says Sell if you haven't had the chance yet. This could go lower an additional 6.5% to around $54 which is the previous cycle's support level.

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