Sunday, February 19, 2017

New signals for 02-21-2017 $HES $SNA $FTI $KR

Hi everyone,

I was supposed to post on Friday before the market open, but couldn't find the time. Hopefully next week will be a bit more manageable and I will resume normal posting conditions😃

For the next trading day we have 2 new Buy signals:

Buy signal was given to $HES (last price: $51.75)
If my algorithm is right, then the risk:reward here is great! I would enter a position on a gap up (above $52) with a stop-loss under $50.


Buy signal was given to $SNA (last price: $172.57)
Following the stock's Sell signal on February 6th post, the stock did not cave too hard (although it did drop about 2% in the following week, but that could hardly be considered a successful short trade (and I did warn that I had not liked that setup in the first place).
Anyway, now the algorithm has exited the Short position and entered a Long position.
I would actually not enter fully here (maybe a small position), but wait for the stock to go above $176 level and above that big red candle from February 16th.


On Friday, February 17th, 1 Buy signal was received by my UltimateAlgorithm, however I couldn't find the time to post it, so I'm posting it now (with Friday's closing price as reference off course):

Buy signal was given to $FTI (last price: $32.10)

Upon crossing the resistance line currently going around $32.50, this may turn out to be a great trade.


That's it for today. I hope to continue post every day (I just gotta find the right time to do it)

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