Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New signals for 3-15-2017 $NVDA $INTC $UAL $VNO $VTR $WFM

Hi everyone,

Important update - I exited my position when $NVDA broke off its trend, as can be shown in the following chart:

Buy signal was given to $NVDA (last price: $101.78)
For today, my UltimateAlgorithm switched hats and NVDA is now a Buy.
I took a loss on my put position that I posted earlier this week.


Sell signal was given to $INTC (last price: $35.18)
Intel's stock has been trending lower recently and is trading on a bearish wedge.
My algo says Sell right now. Would consider a short under support around $34.90.


Sell signal was given to $UAL (last price: $66.55)
United Airlines stock seems to have fallen off a cliff on yesterday's action.


Sell signal was given to $VNO (last price: $102.45)


Sell signal was given to $VTR (last price: $59.36)
Similar pattern to $VNO. Doesn't look good.


Sell signal was given to $VTR (last price: $59.36)
This one is similar to the previous two but it seems to be converging, which could imply a big move coming up. Which way though, I could not tell. Would simply stay away.


That's it for today. Have a great one!

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